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  • Sign up in under 3 minutes.
  • Easy to use customer portal for all current customers.
  • Going on vacation or just need to reschedule? Our software gives you complete control to make changes without needing to call!
  • Easily view your upcoming cleaning schedule and receive automated SMS and email reminders the day before your service.
  • After your cleaning is complete, you’ll be notified and can log in to view photos of the service.

Clean & Disinfect

The washing service is conveniently conducted curbside, requiring no coordination on your part. After your bins are emptied, simply leave them at the curb a bit longer. Our service operates on a next-day basis. Upon arrival, we’ll thoroughly clean and disinfect your trash bins inside and out using 200°F water, effectively eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odors.


After thoroughly washing and sanitizing the trash bins, we apply a powerful deodorizing agent. This agent not only masks the unpleasant odors but also acts as an odor counteractant, neutralizing bad smells at their source. This ensures your bins remain fresh until your next scheduled cleaning service. 


Upon completion, you’ll receive a text notification, and your bins will be returned to the curb, adorned with Bin Daddy stickers, as part of our Stink-Free Guarantee.

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Bin Cleaning

Once Every 4 weeks

Single Bin


Per Visit

Additional Bins $5 Each / Visit


Bin Cleaning

Once Every 12 weeks

Single Bin


Per Visit

Additional Bins $10 Each / Visit


Bin Cleaning

Cleaning as needed

Single Bin


Per Visit

Additional Bins $12.50 Each / Visit


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

Why don’t you clean on the same day as garbage day?

Most garbage routes schedule different services at various times. For example, garbage can be picked up in the early morning, while yard/compost is picked up after 3 PM. Due to these varying pickup schedules, we can almost guarantee that bins will be empty the next day. This makes them ready for a thorough cleaning and sanitizing service.

Please note that the specific cans designated for cleaning cannot be swapped out at each service. For monthly and quarterly cleanings, we affix stickers to the front of your garbage cans to easily identify the ones scheduled for service. We make it easy to add a can to your plan, ensuring that all your cleaning needs are met!

There are two ways you can find out your cleaning days:

  • Log into your account: After logging into your Bin Daddy account, click on the “Subscription Details” tab in the sidebar to view the schedule of your next cleaning.

  • Text alerts: To simplify things, we send text messages the evening before and the morning of your cleaning, informing you when our driver is en route. Ensure you opt-in to receive SMS text messages during sign-up for this feature to be activated.”

You have two options for rescheduling your service:


  • Log into your account: On the left-hand side, you’ll find a tab labeled “Availability Calendar”. By clicking this tab, you can mark the dates when you are unavailable. The system will then automatically reschedule your next service for a date after those you’ve marked as unavailable.


  • Email or Call Us: Should you encounter issues logging into your account, feel free to reach out by emailing, or you can also text or call us at 704-387-6442.

We maintain the confidentiality of your information. We utilize a secure, PCI-compliant processor to encrypt your data, ensuring that your full card number remains hidden from our view.